William Couig is a New York City based artist and designer. He was introduced to glass after seeing a number of demonstrations in various locales as he backpacked around the world after college in 1995. Upon returning to New York, he discovered UrbanGlass and was drawn to the fluidity and physicality of glassblowing immediately. It allowed him to draw on the eye hand coordination and affinity for teamwork he developed growing up playing sports in Greenwich,CT. His first artistic ventures were even somewhat athletic, redesigning skateboards he still rides to this day. He’s spent the past 20 years designing and fabricating work for himself and a select clientele from the studio in Brooklyn, NY.
With his company, FurthurDesign, he’s been a continued presence on the American design landscape, producing his own work for iconic retailers like Barney’s New York and Gump’s in San Francisco while also completing a wide variety of commercial projects throughout the country and developing ongoing lines for clients like Eleven Madison Park, The Nomad Hotel and Calvin Klein Home.